CASC 2022 - Schedule

Indicated time is in local timezone (UTC+3).

Abstracts of the talks in the extended abstract track

The papers for talks in the LNCS track is available on Springer's website

10. Alexander Demin, Hamid Rahkooy, and Thomas Sturm,
F5: A REDUCE Package for Signature-based Gröbner Basis Computation
11. Mariya Bessonov, Ilia Ilmer, Tatiana Konstantinova, Alexey Ovchinnikov, Gleb Pogudin, and Pedro Soto,
Accelerating Gröbner Basis Computation via Weighted Ordering in Parameter Identifiability of ODE Models
12. Kosuke Sakata, Momonari Kudo, Taku Kato, Kazuhiro Yokoyama,
Implementation report on computing Gröbner bases over exterior algebra
16. Tasuku Nakagawa, Momonari Kudo, and Tsuyoshi Takagi,
Efficient search for superspecial hyperelliptic curves of genus 4 in large characteristic
17. Jaime Gutierrez,
A SageMath program for recovering points of superelliptic curves over a prime finite field
18. Muhammad Imran Qureshi,
Computing models of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces in ℙ1 × ℙ1 × ℙ1 format
19. Hiroki Furue and Momonari Kudo,
On the computational enumeration of superspecial curves: A survey and complements
20. Victor F. Edneral,
Integrable Cases of the Polynomial Kind of the Liénard-type Equation
21. Sergey A. Gutnik and Vasily A. Sarychev,
Investigation of the Dynamics of Two Connected Bodies in the Plane of a Circular Orbit Using Computer Algebra Methods
22. Alexandru Iosif and Hamid Rahkooy,
Experiments on the Conradi-Kahle Algorithm for Detecting Binomiality for Biological Models
29. Alexander A. Gusev, Galmandakh Chuluunbaatar, Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar, Sergue I. Vinitsky, Yuri A. Blinkov, and Peter O. Hess,
Hermite Interpolation Polynomials on Parallelepipeds and FEM Applications
30. Vitaly A. Krasikov,
A review on computational aspects of polynomial amoebas
31. Boming Chi and Akira Terui,
The GPGCD Algorithm with the Bézout Matrix for Multiple Univariate Polynomials
32. Tian Chen and Michael Monagan,
Factoring Non-monic Polynomials Represented by Black Boxes
36. T.M. Sadykov,
A Mathematica Package for Construction and Inversion of Analytic Mappings with Unit Jacobian
37. Kosaku Nagasaka and Ryo Oshimatan,
Gröbner basis detection with parameters
38. Jiayue Qi,
A calculus for monomials in Chow group of zero cycles in the moduli space of stable curves
39. Fadime Baldemir and Mesut Şahin,
Calculating the Minimum Distance of a Toric Code via an Algebraic Algorithm
40. Amir Hashemi, Matthias Orth, and Werner M. Seiler,
Infinite Free Resolutions Induced by Pommaret-like Bases