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   Call for Paper


NEW: starting this year, CASC offers a wider variety of submission options. See details below!


The tools of Scientific Computing play an important role in the natural sciences and engineering. Computer Algebra Systems and the underlying algorithms for Symbolic Computation play an increasingly important role within Scientific Computation. The CASC workshop series has been running for over two decades to explore the interaction of these topics, their implementation, and their application.



The topics addressed in the workshop cover all areas of scientific computing which benefit from the application of computer algebra methods and software.  This includes, but is not limited to:

-  approximate and exact computation;

-  automated reasoning in algebra and geometry;

-  computer algebra methods in big data analytics;

-  parallel symbolic-numeric computation;

-  simulation and modelling;

-  symbolic computation algorithms and their complexity;

-  symbolic-numeric methods for differential, differential-

    algebraic and difference equations;

-  symbolic-numeric methods for polynomial equations and 


-  the embedding of computer algebra technology within 

    different software and hardware environments;

-  and applications of the above throughout the natural 

    sciences and engineering 


We welcome papers on both fundamental research and implementation issues.  We also accept survey papers but these should be clearly labelled as such in the title.



We encourage wide participation at the workshop.  In light of this, and that the conference scope spans computer science and mathematics (with their different publication traditions), we offer a variety of participation options.  


1.  Participation with an accompanying paper in LNCS.

CASC has a long running relationship with the Springer book series Lecture Notes in Computer Science to publish conference proceedings. Work submitted here should contain an original research result. Submissions should be prepared in the LNCS style and not exceed 20 pages. Survey papers may have up to 25 pages.  


2.  Participation with an accompanying paper in MCS.

CASC has formed a unique relationship with the Springer Birkhäuser journal Mathematics in Computer Science (MCS) for an ongoing series of special issues on topics presented at CASC workshops. Work submitted here must be of journal quality and will be reviewed to the usual standards of MCS. Submissions should be prepared in the MSC style.  There is no a priori page limit, but the length must be justified by the contents of the paper.  At notification authors may be asked to revise their paper for a secondary deadline.


3.  Participation with abstract only.

Participants who wish to talk on previously published work, or on work that is not yet ready for publication, may opt to submit an extended abstract.  Abstracts should have at least 2 and at most 4 pages in the LNCS style.  They must contain the main results of the talk (without proofs). They will be lightly reviewed and distributed locally at the conference. Authors of such abstracts are encouraged to later submit full journal articles on the topic, for consideration at the second round of reviews for the MSC volume. 



All submissions should be done via easychair:


In the easychair title field please prefix the paper title with "TYPE x" where x is 1, 2 or 3 according to the submission category above.



Deadline for submission (all):                Sun 7th April 2019

Notification of acceptance:                    Wed 15th May 2019

Deadline for final version (LNCS):         Sun 26th May 2019

Conference:                                           26-30 August 2019

Deadline for revised/new MCS paper:   Sun 15th September 2019